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We have outlined the questions we asked over the past 15 years when selecting a property manager for our own properties. 

You may have some others and we invite you to ask them so there are no surprises !



What experience do you have in managing investment properties like ours?

We have owned investment properties for over 15 years and think like a landlord.  This means we are proactive and anticipate issues rather than just responding to a call or issue. Our focus has been on the sophisticated segment of the market where the landlord and their property deserves a higher quality of service to maintain its value



Who will be responsible for managing my property, and will they be the single point of contact?

We understand the relationship between the property manager and the landlord is critical, ensuring there is consistency in the management of the property and the relationship.  You will have a single point of contact and that property manager will ensure any concerns or questions you might have are dealt with promptly.



Can I move to REAA part way though an existing tenancy?

Yes, we can organise the transfer on your behalf.  Once we have gained your authority, REAA will do all things necessary to transfer the property.  We will also send you a detailed report on the property once it comes under our management, so we can be certain of the condition on transfer date.



What area does REAA cover?

To ensure we can fully resource the requirements of the management, we do limit the area in which we can service.  If your investment property is within 20km of Brisbane CBD you're lucky enough to experience our service!