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"We care about your property, as if it were our own"

We have some unique features that set us aside from our competitors, including:

  • 100% focus on property management
  • Guarantee your legal obligations are met
  • We can organise your landlord insurance
  • A team of qualified tradespeople, should minor repairs be required
  • Full transfer from an existing manager on your behalf, at no charge
  • Unlimited management of property accounts including rates, insurances and body corporate fees, at no additional cost
  • Prompt and efficient service - we'll always keep you up to date about your property and we're always available for you to contact us
  • Access to business partners, vetted to ensure you receive a similar standard of service for any additional requirements relating to your property


We invite you to join us and receive the REAA experience!

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Change Property Managers

Switch to REAA today to receive the service you deserve. Our dedicated team will manage the transition for you, even if it’s midway through a current lease.


Simply complete the Change of Management form and email it back to us today.



Inspections, Reports & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on providing the information on your property in the format and method which is easiest for you or your accountant.  This includes:


  • A detailed entry condition report with photos at the start of the tenancy, which is signed off by the tenant to minimise disputes
  • An inspection by our own property managers each quarter, with a detailed report on any issues or maintenance required
  • An exit report at the end of the tenancy to identify any damage or issues that have arisen during the tenancy that need to be rectified or reclaimed from bond
  • Where issues arise we will manage these with the relevant statutory authority.


You can rest assured you will be kept up to date at all times in relation to the condition of your property.



A well maintained property will not only secure you a quality tenant, it will importantly attribute towards the value of the property.


  • We maintain a panel of high quality tradespeople who are qualified and competent with the correct insurances in place should anything go wrong
  • If there is a maintenance issue, we make sure there is an audit trail by asking the tenant to put this issue in writing to us
  • We will contact you if the issue is major, with solutions, plans and timelines for your approval
  • More likely will be the infrequent minor maintenance issues which to fix are under an agreed dollar threshold. We will get onto these promptly, minimising the inconvenience to the tenant and preserving goodwill. These will be reported to you in the next payment summary.

Accounts & Payments

Ultimately you want to receive the income from your property as quickly as possible.  As a full service agency we:


  • Remit payments to you on a monthly or fortnightly basis to accommodate your cash flow needs. With each payment we will email you full details relating to the amount received.  In addition you will receive annual reporting from us, to assist with your income tax return preparation
  • We take care of payments for your outgoings. This can include landlord insurance, body corporate fees, rates and maintenance charges.  There’s no limit to the outgoings we can look after for you, and it’s all part of our standard property management offering.

Arrears Managements & Upload

From time to time, tenants go into arrears and we follow a very structured process to comply with the law and put you in the strongest position to recover rental income.


Our arrears management process includes SMS reminders of overdue rent to the tenant – from the first day of arrears.  These are followed up with phone calls, ensuring any Notices to Remedy are issued promptly and within compliance with the law.



We are true believers that the fee for service is in direct correlation with the stand of service provided.


Our fee structure is simple and transparent. 


Fee Description - Amount

Property Management Fee - 8% plus GST of the weekly rent

Property Letting Fee - One week of the weekly rent, plus GST

End of financial year statement fee - $25.00 plus GST

Title Search (If applicable) - $25.00 plus GST

REAA attendance Mediation/Tribunal Fee - $50.00 plus GST