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Property Management

"We care about your property, as if it were our own"

As property investors ourselves, we understand the importance of choosing the right property manager for your investment property.  We will provide you with:

  • Lower stress - you can rest easy knowing your property is being managed in accordance with the ever increasing regulations on rental properties
  • Leading edge property management technology - the latest in reporting and payment technology means you get the information you want and need quickly and in plain English
  • Market returns - up-to-date knowledge of the rental market in the surrounding area for like or comparable properties ensures you achieve as strong a return on your investment as possible
  • Access to TICA - a tenancy database that shows tenants that have been blacklisted, helping ensure your tenants are of good quality and standing
  • Tax deductibility - property management fees are generally tax deductible

Tenant Selection

We understand the success of your investment is largely driven by the quality of your tenant. 

To find and secure the most suitable tenant we will:

  • Take photos of your property and prepare a professional advertisement, outlining the best features of your property and the surrounding area
  • Advertise your property on and our website
  • Continually monitor your advertisement for visits, ensuring the property remains in good positioning on advertisement sites
  • Conduct open inspections of your property, both advertised and ad-hoc upon request.  We’ll ensure your open inspections are done at reasonable times, allowing for potential tenants working hours and availability to inspect
  • Regularly consult you with progress

Tenant Due Diligence

Once an application has been received from a potential tenant, we work hard to place the tenant through a due diligence process. 

The screening process includes:

  • TICA checks
  • Full identification
  • Personal and professional referees
  • Contact with previous managers for previous tenancy checks

This is all performed in a timely manner and in consultation with you, to ensure we find the right people to fit the profile of your ideal tenant.

Property Compliance

All too often either an owner is unaware of their legal obligations, or the finer details are glossed over.  Not at REAA Property Management Brisbane! 

We’ll ensure all the legislative requirements are met, plus we have a few additional quality requirements of our own to ensure your property is looked after. 

These include:

  • Entry and Exit condition reports
  • Bond lodgements with Residential Tenancy Authority
  • Receipting
  • Lease preparation and execution
  • Quarterly property inspections
  • Annual Certifications – smoke alarms, pool safety certificates
  • Notices to Remedy issues, where applicable and in accordance with law
  • Attendance at tribunal hearings, if required

We’ll also ensure any minor repairs are performed by qualified tradespeople who perform quality work at competitive prices.